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Welcome To Mitra SK

  Mitra SK (MSK) is a 75 year old independent inspection and testing company with laboratories accredited by International certification bodies. MSK undertakes Inspection, Sampling & Assay of Minerals, Metals, Coal & Coke, Fertilizers, Food, Water & Environmental parameters.   MSK is focussed on Consistent and Acc...more

Consistency and Accuracy

MSK's state-of-the-art testing laboratories, trained technicians, rigorous procedures and  75 years of experience, ensure precision of results at every port, siding, wharf, industrial unit, mines site or warehouse. Whether it is minerals, metals, fertilizers, cement or foods, MSK has the ability to deliver both instrumental and traditional analysis in all of it's network of operations in 68 offices around the world,each developing consistent results every time!


MSK operates through offices and laboratories covering many countries .


An international independent certifying authority MSK has been an integral part of world trade  in support of Coal, Coke, Minerals, Metals & Ferro-Alloys Industries for over Seven decades.


MSK is geared to serve even in remote locations through a network of well-equipped laboratories and sampling teams across the Globe.


Inspection & Testing is a knowledge and people business. About 700 people comprise the Mitra SK family.

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