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A Tragic Love Story

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Language: English

Pages: 138

Publisher: Zi'ereBooks Presents (March 18, 2016)


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Tiffany Johnson is convinced that she can leave all her skeletons behind her in Queens, New York and start a new life in Tallahassee, Florida where she enrolls in the infamous FAMU. College life is supposed to be a new chapter in a person's life right? As Tiffany settles into college life, she is quickly swept up in all the wrong things. She begins to be a regular at frat and sorority parties, she starts popping pills, missing classes, and she begins to have the hots for sexy Marquese Jenkins; a football player whom is adored and wanted by everyone on campus. Trying to maintain a relationship with a guy everyone woman wants is enough to drive a woman crazy, but as it turns out Tiffany is surrounded by snakes. Her best friend Ke-Ke isn't the friend she thinks she is, just like Marquese.

As Tiffany's world begins to crumble in Florida she finds comfort with Ti'mone Lambert, who's living an alternative lifestyle and currently running the streets in a way most men wouldn't think of.

Love begins to spark in unfamiliar places for Tiffany and past promises are soon broken when she realizes she has feelings for Ti'mone.

Tiffany can't get too comfortable being happy in Florida because her family is coming apart at the seams in New York.

We know all love stories aren't always happy and filled with love but Tiffany's love story is much more complex. Every beautiful day she has is matched by a day of devastation.

How can new love survive so many tragedies? In author Reality's debut novel, you will find out if the love is real, you can handle A Tragic Love Story!



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