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Africa Be Damned: 'The Rhodesian'

Keith Jackson

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Language: English

Pages: 348

Publisher: Keith Jackson (October 14, 2014)


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Rhodesia is a country in turmoil after Ian Smith's unilateral declaration of independance. The escalation of terrorist activity sees the constant call-up of thousands of territorial force personnel. One such call-up is Tony London, a successful young executive who leaves his devoted wife Kathy yet again to face the hardships and dangers of active service in the bush. When he comes across a massacre that bears all the hallmarks of the infamous My Lai atrocity, Tony is faced with a moral dilemma. Should he expose the covert operations of the Selous Scouts, an elite anti-terrorist tracking unit, or concentrate his efforts on alerting the powers that be to the treachery afoot in the ranks of the Rhodesian African Rifles? Tony's conscience is further tested when he falls for the charms of Victoria, a young bank clerk in a garrison town, and he is tempted to be unfaithful to Kathy for the first time in their long and happy marriage.

Six years later and Tony is living a nomadic existence in the bush on the other side of the border in South Africa, a recluse known only as 'The Rhodesian'. He suffers from bouts of agonising pain and blackouts, and has no memory of his past life though he bears a number of gruesome battle scars. Why and how did his life take such a turn? Can Jodie a young psychology student on safari, unravel the mystery of his story and return him to sanity? And why does Gerald Bond, the ex Selous Scout, prove such a willing ally?


Crossover review

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In Sickness and In Health genre


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