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Buffalo Spirit

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Publisher: Charles Gasse; 1 edition (July 17, 2013)


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To get a better understanding of the following stories I must explain a little about them;
In this book I have mainly written some of the most exciting experiences I have ever had, as a young boy and as a grown up. The stories told to me by my dad I found thrilling, I hope you will too and there is also one told to me by a good friend!

All the stories involving me and those of my dad actually happened and the one from my friend, he assured me to be true.

All of the stories are based on true happenings.
My mother herself told the stories involving my mother to me, and I take them to be true.
You may find it hard to believe, but it’s true, the supernatural is taken very seriously in Africa, though my stories happened in the central parts, to my understanding it’s the same for the whole of Africa. Today the situation has not changed very much; people still go for help to spiritualists and herbalists especially when modern medicines don’t work. Spirits or ghosts are very real to most of the people and if anything strange or mysterious happens it is attributed either to these beings or to witchcraft.
I have grown up surrounded with such beliefs and if I hadn’t experienced some very strange and sometimes very frightening things, I would also be sceptical of what you are about to read.
Please enjoy these few stories but don’t think, “What an imagination!”

Charles Gasse.


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