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But This Tea Tho

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Publisher: Robin Chanel Publishing (November 30, 2015)


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“But This Tea, Tho…” became a popular saying throughout social media, making it alright to say whatever came across your mind. The “Tea” is business you shouldn’t be in, but you’re going to pour your cup anyway.

Well, Tannyn Ross is a celebrity gossip blogger with big dreams on becoming the next Oprah Winfrey. Her life is perfect considering the fact she was engaged to one of the hottest music business moguls in the industry.

While Tannyn was reporting on everyone’s business, her past life in Chicago was slowly surfacing, daring to be revealed to those who didn’t know her. Trying to keep her life out of the public eyes was her main goal, but those who were against her wanted her fans to know her deepest secrets.

Tannyn's life is in danger once she finds out something she shouldn’t have, will her career choice be the death of her or will she learn to stay out of everybody’s pot of tea?

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