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Choral Society

Prue Leith

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Language: English

Pages: 332

Publisher: Quercus (November 5, 2009)


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Friendship, sex, shopping, singing - even love: life doesn't end at fifty. But Lucy, recently widowed, a food journalist who's lost her job, and Joanna, successful business woman facing a future alone, secretly fear that it might. Only much divorced Rebecca is ever confident of happiness just round the corner.

The women have joined a choir for very different reasons. Lucy is obeying her bossy daughter who prescribes singing as a cure for grief. For Joanna failure is not an option and she's tackling her inability to sing a note. And Rebecca is unashamedly looking for a new mate.

When these three women decide to combine their talents to turn a run-down hotel on the Cornish coast into a spa offering holiday courses, conflict is bound to result. It's clear that the choir has taught them a good deal more than how to sing…


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