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Crossfire: Somali Sunrise (The Driftwood Trilogy Book 2)

Niki Savage

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 339

Publisher: Niki Savage (April 16, 2015)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 5.5 MB

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Somali Sunrise is the sequel to Driftwood. Although it is the second book in the Driftwood Trilogy, many readers may regard it as the ‘fourth’ book in the Crossfire Trilogy, because it straddles both trilogies, answering the questions that arose after Driftwood and after Crossfire: Hearts on Fire.

In Somali Sunrise, Nancy Kendall returns to Mozambique on her friend Peter Coleman’s yacht, enjoying a scuba diving holiday. But soon unforeseen circumstances turns their holiday into a trip into hell.

When Karl sees Nancy’s photo on a CNN news broadcast, his world is shattered, even more so when he discovers that she had taken her six year old son, Daniel Kendall, on holiday with her. Could the little boy, now facing the same perils as his mother, be his child, and if so, will he get a chance to know his son, or will fate rip him away forever?

Stefan, happily married to Marcelle, immediately takes steps to rescue Nancy and her son, but his decision has unexpected consequences, both for him and Marcelle.

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