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Diary of a City Girl

Yalontya Simmons

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Language: English

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A young adult urban fiction book. Follows the adventures of seventeen year old Brooklyn native Angela Long. Born of an Asian mother and African-American father in a well-to-do-family, Angela lives the blissful life of a typical city teen, surrounded by love and support from her family and friends, occasionally looking up to her older, yet annoying brother Tyrell for support. At school, Angela is constantly the target of bullying from the popular, yet malicious Danya and her friends. But Angela doesn't let that stop her from having the time of her life as the summer ends, going to parties, clubs, and even hosting sleepovers whenever her parents are away. But one day a mishaps sends Angela world spiraling out of control, as she is arrested after a police raid at her friend's house party, leading to a confiscation of marijuana and an arrest. Thinking of teaching her a lesson about responsibility, Angela's strict father has her sent away to live with the most formidable person Angela will ever met, her mean-tempered Aunt Pam, a negligent, abusive crack fiend who lives in a ghetto suburb near New Jersey. It's not until she meets her aunt that Angela experiences the extreme ills of mistreatment and constant abuse at the hands of Aunt Pam, even being nearly sexually assaulted by one of her aunts boyfriends. But she finds the strength and courage she never knew she had, and love and comfort from the gentle African sweetheart Tundi, but will it be enough for her to begin the healing process when she returns home?

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