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Double Rainbow at Full Moon: Surviving the collapse of Zimbabwe

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Publisher: Agio Publishing House (April 16, 2013)


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"B.A.K. Sim's eloquent descriptive writing draws you into a thrilling yet unnerving and astonishing journey in Zimbabwe during the financial collapse, rampant hyper-inflation and the protagonists' dependence on the black market and a .38 calibre pistol for survival, ultimately ending with a harrowing escape."
- Phyllis Campanello, C.H.A., San Francisco, CA

"Beautifully written - an important contribution to history and politics. A powerful saga, told with humour and compassion, capturing common life during troubled times, bringing out the best and the worst in people."
- Margaret Spark, University Administrator/Editor, Victoria, BC

"A wonderful book creating a vivid picture of the downfall of a beautiful country, and how this has resulted in a catastrophic lack of food, law and order. Well worth reading."
- A. Crawshaw, MA, Cand.phil., Copenhagen University, Denmark

Bodie and Clyde return to Zimbabwe in 2007, but the good times have departed. The country has the highest inflation in the world; people resort to suitcases and wheelbarrows, just to carry the money. Isolated from the rest of the world, they experience shortages of food, water and electricity, with endless line-ups for gas if any is available. The banking system is collapsing and only by trading on the black market are people able to feed themselves. To survive, Clyde's factory converts to producing ox-drawn carts. Governing party backed violence is worsening as a general election is called. Against all odds, many of the people come together across racial, religious and cultural lines. This is a story about how people react in times of extreme adversity. It is about survival, love, imagination and willpower. DOUBLE RAINBOW AT FULL MOON is also a wake-up call to the Western world about the consequences of economic mismanagement - a real human and economic thriller!

About the Author
Born in Denmark, B.A.K. Sim has spent most of her adult life abroad. She has lived in 10 countries and was posted as a diplomat to Brazil, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, India and Zimbabwe. Trained as a chancellor, she knew the foreign service inside and out, and often acted as chargé d'affaires a.i. While in India she established diplomatic relations between Bhutan and Denmark.
She has rubbed shoulders with ministers and politicians, international dignitaries, royalty and celebrities from television and broadcasting. B.A.K. Sim lived in Zimbabwe for 22 years, and now resides in Victoria, BC, Canada, with her Canadian husband.

ISBN 978-1-897435-90-8
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ISBN 978-1-897435-94-6

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