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Entrepreneur II: The Transition

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Publisher: 5ive Star Publications; 1st edition (March 12, 2010)


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It s been three years since Swift took the reins and Block was sent to prison. With their net worth rising and businesses expanding, Swift sees their opportunity to get out the game completely. When Block is released from prison, he co-sign s Swift plan to leave the streets alone. After Block s readjustment period, he and Swift are back together like old times. At every move they make to walk away from the game, someone watches. There are the cops who want nothing more than to see them rot in a jail cell. There is also someone who is hell bent on killing anybody associated with Block. On top of that Block and Swift are transitioning to new heights in their personal lives. They are both dealing with personal things that they ve kept from each other. These things ultimately change their lives forever. Will Block and Swift be able to make the transition or will the once comfortable streets be their downfall?


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