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When I hired on with Fedex I figured like most, to work hard do a good job and if all went well ...retire from there... But that wasn't going to happen.

I found instead, a company and CEO whose roots were steeped in Racism & Discrimination against Blacks not seen in 75 years.

Fred Smith and his Racist White Fedex management use the "Pen like the modern day Whip" to keep their Black Workers ..."in their Place".

Fedex CEO Fred Smith was involved in a "Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Felony Fraud" against our military and many of our defense agencies including the CIA and the U.S. Government. The Fraud involved "classified sensitive" military equipment, secret defense documents, lost or stolen "secret programed NATO Defense computers", even Military Explosives that endangered small school children.

Newspapers reported that under Fedex managements orders I had unknowingly taken 79 pounds of military explosives within feet of elementary school children and had done it numerous times.

Fred Smith was conspiring to steal more than a Billion Dollars from our government and military while endangering their lives and the lives or many civilians including small children.

I collected evidence and went to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and worked undercover with them to stop these crimes.

During that investigation AFOSI agents told me that Fred Smith was "Smuggling Illegal Drugs" into the U.S. from Mexico and asked if I could help them catch him. They also warned me that He was considered a "Dangerous Man" by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies". And that he might send someone to harm / murder me. And that I was to be CAREFUL.

After the investigation was completed I contacted the Newspapers and ABC's 20-20 which did a feature story on the Fraud and Illegal Drugs within Fedex.

Shortly after the 20-20 story the FBI contacted me and asked if I would help them catch Fedex Thieves who had stolen a HUGE Gold shipment from Goldman Sachs. They said that Fedex management would NOT cooperate with them and would NOT allow the FBI or the DEA into the Fedex airport ramps. I did what I could to help them.

The FBI also told me that Fred Smith was a "Drug Smuggler" and considered a "Dangerous Man". and that he might send someone to "Murder Me" for exposing his crimes. And I was to be VERY CAREFUL...
I believe you have to have a "History of Violent Crimes" to be considered a "Dangerous Man" by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

In 2001 I was sending out an "Official DEA" picture from DEA's website of Fred Smith's Fedex Plane "Smuggling Illegal Drugs" from Mexico to Boston on the internet. The DEA even stamped "Illegal Drugs" across it.
Fred Smith had his lawyers send me a threatening letter to keep quiet about his crimes or else. But I continued to send out the picture.

On March 22 2002 my wife came home and found me semi-conscious and covered in blood. I was nearly Dead. She quickly called an ambulance which rushed me to the hospital where doctors saved my life.
An Attempt had been made to ... Silence Me Forever.
And I had been "Left For Dead". But as of this writing I am STILL ALIVE.
The TRUTH is coming. ..."Pandora's Box" ...has been opened.
Gary Rullo ...The Honest Courier

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