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New York City in the turbulent 1980's was a time that changed the way we all viewed the world. The political misconduct, social selfishness, and new lifestyles encouraged breaking the rules, bending the laws and exploiting the weak. Corporate crime, narcotic merchants, and every power hungry individual made life uncertain for all in the city.

None suffered more than the population of those living in public housing, and of those the teens would suffer the most.

Jamal is a young black man, a teenager who lives in public housing during the most dangerous era of the city's history. Surrounded by egotistical peers, older street players, ruthless cops and unknowing parents, Jamal does what not many would do in his position...he writes. His almost daily entries are honest narratives filled with serious crisis, fun situations, deadly decisions and family love that empower this coming of age title. An enjoyable read for all who have been that naive teen or happens to be raising one.


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