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Giving Up On Ordinary

Isla Dewar

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Language: English

Pages: 318

Publisher: Review; New Ed edition (June 21, 2012)


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When Megs became a cleaner, she didn't realise that if people looked at her a cleaner would be all they saw. Megs has as full a life as the people she does for, Mrs Terribly-Clean-Pearson or Ms Oh-Just-Keep-It-Above-The-Dysentery-Line McGhee. She's the mother of three children and still mourning the death of a son; she enjoys a constant sparring match with her mother; she drinks away her troubles with Lorraine, her friend since Primary One; and she sings the blues in a local club. Megs has been getting by. But somehow that's not enough any more. It's time Megs gave up on being ordinary...

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