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Pages: 21

Publisher: Gutta Publications (August 31, 2016)


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The moment that you’ve been anticipating is finally here! The infamous Miss Gutta is finally back, along with her crew. And as usual, drama seems to always lurk. Tune in now to see what happens with your favorite characters in the mind boggling spin-off GUTTAVILLE.

As we return, Charlene and Marcus are now facing an obstacle that may finally be the demise of their relationship. Has Gutta finally managed to lose the love of her life for good? Or will their unconditional love and strong bond continue to see them through?

Dewayne is faced with a serious decision, which he has very little time to decide on. Will he finally make the move to rectify the situation? Or will he keep on running from his past forever?

Are Tamekia and Paco still together and doing well? What’s going on with Tony & Lolly? And let’s not forget about the unforgivable secret concerning her sister, Keyshia. What’s Nicolette up to and has she finally found true love forever? Find out these and many other questions, as you explore the unforgettable journey into the lives of this amazing and unforgettable crew.

Fasten your seatbelts and allow me to take you on an explosive roller coaster ride where more secrets, lies, drama, murder and mayhem take over the streets of Memphis 10! WELCOME TO THE MAGNIFICENT WORLD OF GUTTAVILLE . . . ARE YOU REDDY?

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