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Lost In Lies (Morning Shadow Book 1)

Dotto Nshimba

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Publisher: M&J-p=Parrot Publishers; 1 edition (June 13, 2013)


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Unlike many published African Drama, Lost in Lies is a stirring play wrote in series form after chain of problems in Modern Africa. The mounting rate of poverty, cultural burst, abuse of human rights and the rapid extension of the gap between the wealthy and the meager opened the door for the birth of this writing. Modern Africa is left with just one hope to educate societies; girls and boys had to attend schools to the university level. Sadly politics shatters their hope. Teenagers are finding living in streets doing prostitution and drug vending. Journalists busy trying to educate the society against evils of leadership failure in their future but no one ready to change. What an amusing event after half a century of independence. Who is going to change the situation and make it just and fair for every one future?
This Drama gives details how the government in Africa overlooks the future of the young generation. Politicians are busy warping the truth and undermining democracy. The play is probing high crimes throughout the history of Africa in a literary hid country. After fifty years of independence this new, play replacing old Africa’s talent in the digital age. Written in a new African style, the Drama utters a penetrating voice that verifies the truth and ignores illusion.
Media's handling of news has become visual over years in Africa. Killing of young journalists is the opening scenes you can feel to read it through. Journalists often find it difficult to cover stories that don't fit the government and the ruling party. Meanwhile the government employs sophisticated strategies to avoid the stories that are not in their favor. The result is absolutism management, an effective form of social engineering. Lost in Lies provides astounding proof and a guide to often strategies toward a fair and equal society.
One of the biggest untold stories of the last half century has been the growth of presidential power in poor countries. Privatization in link to globalization, and the implant new culture outsourcing foreign policy and withholding information on spurious grounds. Africa is at a permanent state of emergency. Misunderstanding is spouting and conflicts spreading as bush fire. After examining official’s lies from independence to the digital generation, the writing displays how the process has continued in the new age where people in social Medias are struggling to overpower injustices.
People in Africa and third world sees the idea in Lost in Lies a selling and an appalling way out to the truth. Is there any lie to live for life? There is an intriguing ending to every evil. Find well shaped boys and girls striving to end this drama in a living motion. Strongly, the future is open to every youth to pursue a new bright future. Starting from the mind and the surrounding, changes depends less or not to politics. Don’t miss the series of this intriguing Drama in an African outlook.

What are inside the series of this drama?

“After fifty years of independence, ignorance of the absolute reality is the primal cause of all sufferings. People are ignorant and are not aware of the meaning of true freedom and limitation of power. Man cannot attach to the imperfect ever-changing world and the absolute perfect at the same time. He has to renounce one for the other but respect the order from his superior.
Those who awaken and raise their latent knowledge to the highest level along the six nerve plexuses through technology they can enjoy the world in a distinguished look. Never feel inferior of yourself by considering yourself as the body. You are above the five elements, the senses, the mind, and the intellect. You are the conscious and dynamic fragment of the world power”

Dotto Nshimba
June 13, 2013

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