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Ms. Negativity

Goddess Love

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 204

Publisher: Robin Chanel Publishing (August 6, 2015)


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Kamryn had always had an impulsive attitude. Ever since a little girl, she was rebellious and never held back her words and feelings. Growing up in a two-parent household wasn't easy. She went against everything her family stood for because she wanted to chase after love. Kamryn finally decides to cut her family off for good and find her way in the world.

Kamryn had numerous, failed relationships growing up. After finding out her fiancé, James is cheating on her, she finds herself back at square one and taking care of herself. Kamryn tried to move on with her life, but her ex, James insisted on making her life a living hell after she got a little revenge on him.

Soon, Kamryn meets Kendall. Her first intentions were to just get the cash and dash, but she soon realized he was the only one who seemed to be on her side.

Kendall just wanted to find a woman he could settle down with. He had been doing all the right things for the wrong people. Kamryn was a fire torch, but in no time, he put her fuse out.

Kamryn was happy with Kendall, but there were haters on the sideline who weren’t happy for them. However, Kamryn was no saint and had secrets of her own. Will Kamryn be able to turn over a new page in her book? Or does everything in her life remain negative?


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