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Never Blend With The Wind

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Pages: 171

Publisher: A Mended Heart Publications (July 25, 2011)


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What happens when a man invites six of his closest friends over, for dinner, drinks, and mingling? Lots of fun, laughter, mature conversation, and oh yeah, a clash of ego’s. Overall, it started out as a beautiful night, until someone brought up the topic of relationships. A bunch of finger pointing never solved anything. But leave it up to the host to provide a proper resolution.

“Since the men in this room feel bad relationships are caused by women, and women feel they are caused by men, why don’t you put your money where your mouths are. Let’s give five thousand dollars to the one person that proves their point by sharing their biggest disappointment involving the opposite sex. The person with the most votes wins the pot. Is it a deal?”

They all agree to the terms, but the stories that come out of each of their mouths, you will not believe. Egos are put on the line. Opinions are tolerated but far from accepted in this humorously erotic, grown and sexy ‘Battle of The Sexes.’ Never Blend With The Wind, the second skilfully written masterpiece from new comer writer extraordinaire, “Mr. Michael T. Martin, offers the authors creative take on African American relationships based on true experiences, all while telling one hell of a story. Prepare to be entertained.


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