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The year is 1989, and until recently Emma Grey and her husband, Richard, have lived what she thought was a fulfilling life. When Richard makes a surprise announcement, Emma’s life is turned upside down as she struggles to come to terms with unexpected responsibilities, acceptance and self-doubt.

With the help of an unconventional support system consisting of her single best friend, her domestic helper, a very tolerant garden boy, and two 3 year olds, Emma embarks on a journey of reinvention and tries to rebuild her life from the ground up. What she wasn’t counting on was meeting Trey - an alluring musician who makes her come alive in a way that both terrifies, and excites her all at once.

But not everything is as it seems, and Trey’s real identity threatens to once again shake the very foundation on which Emma’s new life is built. In a country rife with political struggles, Emma fights to hang on to the ones she holds dear, and will come to find that loss is sometimes an unavoidable truth on the road to starting over.

Plot 109, Acacia, is a touching, and emotionally riveting story set on a rural plot outside Johannesburg in volatile South Africa.

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