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This is the life: Born and raised in Atlanta Ariel motivation is money. Love, marriage, and kids is the last thing on her mind. Rico one of the biggest dealers in the area is her boyfriend and he supplies it all money, cars, a penthouse, and a successful shoe store. But even that’s not enough for Ariel who secretly starts stripping in Miami at Channel’s an exclusive club, where she meets Mitch who quickly falls for her.

Flying back and forth from Miami to Atlanta life is good for Ariel. But as Rico demand a family and a future, Mitch also puts on the pressure for her to move to Miami permanently. Annoyed, and with no intention of meeting either one of their demands Ariel becomes more determined to stack doe. But things get crazy when Rico side chic shows up their door with information that opens Ariel eyes. She is forced to see that sometimes all ain’t fair when you livin’ a Plush Life Style.

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