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See Charlie Run

Brian Freemantle

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 278

Publisher: Bantam; First Edition edition (July 1, 1987)

ISBN: 0553052136

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 6.7 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Charlie Muffin, the British Secret Service's most unconventional agent, undertakes the most delicate - and deadly - mission of his career. Muffin's disregard for rules has got him into trouble again - only someone as off-beat could handle the current crisis. Rumours have reached Whitehall that a top KGB assassin named Kozlov is about to defect to the CIA in Japan. The catch is that Kozlov wants his wife to defect as well - to the Brits. It's Charlie's job to confirm that the KGB agent is genuine. Then he has to get Kozlov's wife out of Japan safely. Charlie soon realizes that he is a pawn in an elaborate double-cross that only a mind as devious as his own could recognize - or top.

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