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Michael Njoroge

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 219

Publisher: KLBS; 1ST edition (October 25, 2014)


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Size: 5.3 MB

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Victor Kibugi drops out of school early and, subsequently, replaces his old and sickly father as Mwireri’s gardener. He is steered by self-discipline that sees him save a portion of his limited earning and eventually ventures into commerce. This position enables him to offer a most needed facelift to his father’s impoverished family. His employer’s first wife does notice the man’s lofty and surpassing attributes and prevails on him to become her secret lover. On the other hand, Mwireri, his boss, towers over his talented house-help and makes her his second wife who, full of vision and audacity, she replenishes her depleted new home into a cornerstone of the homeland. Amazingly, she gives little else above love and care. Her role asserts to her peers that goodness does not end there; it is progressive! Indeed, her invincible nature does prompt Mwireri to discover his own potential.

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