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Sins of the Church


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Language: English

Pages: 320

Publisher: Zi'ereBooks (December 11, 2014)


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Christ United Church Ministries is just like any other mega church with over two thousand members that are serious about the word of God. Yet behind every front, is the real deal. Bishop Joseph Price and his First Lady Annice Price are the ultimate power couple of the cloth. Bishop is his own man who often needs a Bonnie to sit beside him and that woman just so happens to be is his beautiful daughter, Anika. There is no greater bond than father and daughter, except the bond of mother and daughter. Anika does damage control to keep her mother from being hurt by Bishop’s ways. Just because Anika is beautiful doesn’t mean she is a softy preacher’s kid. Anika has her own boss persona that has more bite than Bishop. In Sins of the Church by Zi’ere, you will find out what is the greatest sin of all and it isn’t one that’s in the commandments!

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