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Situationships II


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Language: English

Pages: 231

Publisher: GUTTA PUBLICATION$; 2 edition (May 6, 2014)


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Tandy and John are living happily ever after, or are they??? The things Tandy finds out about John will drive any woman insane and make her do things that she normally wouldn't do.

Her and Antonio are back being the best of friends but will John's indiscretions drive Tandy into the arms of her best friend?

Karma and Juicy are back to being the love birds that they once were before he started using the very same drugs.

Karma is now working and going to school to be a RN and still keeping her man and son happy but is she really ready for all the changes to come?

Destiny and Adrian's relationship will forever be haunted by their past, but does it even matter to them?

Amber isn’t going to leave Adrian alone that easy and Kameron is determined to get Destiny back despite the brotherly relationship he has with Adrian. And what about the new mystery guy???

Will Tandy and John's love prove to be stronger than we thought? Will Juicy prove to be the man Karma knows he is? And will Destiny throw caution to the wind and go with her hearts desires and marry Adrian???

Find out in this sexy story of loves lost and found.....Are you ready for this???

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