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Stay Tuned For The Next Episode

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 176

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 13, 2012)

ISBN: 1475127782

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No matter how bad your life seemed and no matter how much bad you had done in your life. As long as you have God in your life, he will forgive you and he will be there for you to give you a second chance... even possibly a second chance with your true love. Stay Tuned for the Next Episode deals with a young man narrating his journey from the East side of Cleveland to college in a small town in Southwestern Virginia in order to get a second chance at his first love... football. While at school, he experiences a world that he is not accustomed to... a world of Southern small town values and Southern racism. Of all of his experiences, there is another thing that he is not expecting... falling in love. He meets a female who is from a nearby small town who helps him embrace this new environment, and it becomes a beautiful bond between two people from two different worlds. But between series of drama and deception, they break up and he ends up back home in Cleveland... still hanging on a fleeting dream of playing football. Years go by, and his life goes through a series of downfalls, disappointments, and empty relationships. Finally after losing everything, he is ready to give up. Until one day... he gets in contact and reunites with his Southern Belle. No longer trying to play football and with all that has transpired in his life between their breakups, will they get back together and will true love prevail? Or has an opportunity for emotional and spiritual bliss passed him by? Only God has the answer...

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