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The Real Friends of Atlanta

Cornelia Smith

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 182

Publisher: The Book Plug LLC (October 4, 2015)


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Black Chyna and Treasure hail from downtown hot Atlanta. Best friends since childhood they experience highs, lows, and everything in between together. Treasure is unemployed with high hopes of making it out the hood. Black Chyna is a kept woman who struggles to keep her title as Shawn’s woman. Growing further apart because of the differences in their life goals, the girls engage in a heated dispute for the last time; Oh so they think. A fatal accident with Black Chyna younger sister brings the girls back together, at least for a hot second. Secretly, Shawn hate for Treasure blossoms into lust. Playing rouge roulette with hearts; Shawn learns that lust has no mercy. In this fiction of disloyalty, lust, and lies the girl’s friendship is put to the ultimate test. Lives are forever changed as the future of their long-term friendship dangles over a cliff.


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