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The Seventh Moon

Marius Gabriel

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From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE ORIGINAL SIN.

As World War II rages, Francine Lawrence and her small daughter, Ruth, wait in the fading splendor of Raffles Hotel in Singapore for Francine's British husband. But when he is delayed, Francine, half-Chinese and unwelcome there, is forced to begin a terrifying journey. Seeking to escape a world exploding in nightmare, Francine ultimately makes a gut-wrenching decision: to entrust Ruth to strangers in order to save the child's life. But when the war ends, all traces of Ruth have vanished; years of searching bring only heartbreak.

Three decades later Francine is a formidable businesswoman, pouring all her energies into her companies. Then one day a soft-spoken young woman walks into her New York office on the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. Her name is Sakura, and she hints that she may be Francine's daughter. What Francine does not know is that beneath Sakura's calm surface lives the heart of a warrior. Francine cannot begin to imagine the places Sakura has been, the horrors she has endured--or the secret that gives her the strongest motive in the world to lie...

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