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The Sweethearts: The Games Continue

Shirley Davis Brown

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Language: English

Pages: 113

Publisher: BlaqRayn Publishing (July 18, 2013)


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Those of us sitting in the bleachers at McNamara Park, only saw the thrilling plays. For us kids, that was all we talked about in the halls at school the next day in May and June, the game. In summer school, it was the same thing….it was always the talk of the summer. Some of our white friend’s wanted to know what was so exciting about a softball ball game. We told them and invited them to come. Most never did. But that was ok. The Sweethearts had already become legends and had more fans than they could handle. Some were fans not out of respect for the game, but for more sinister reasons. Funny…. the thing was, it was the only ballpark in town and it was on the black side but we weren't allowed on the teams, crazy huh?

There was something else different about this game. You could not see it, yet it was felt. The quiet and indistinguishable nods between the two teams players; the nonverbal eye contact, one word……..respect. Had it finally arrived?

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