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Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

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Language: English

Pages: 304

Publisher: A. Carter Publishing; 2nd edition (October 29, 2014)


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Sordid little secrets. It's tough enough dealing with them as an adult but what happens when you're a girl with dreams and hopes of blossoming into womanhood? Find out as innocence crashes head on into sex, violence and drugs in Angela Carter's page turner, TIME DOESN'T HEAL ALL WOUNDS.

The novel chronicles the lives of Deb and Honey two young friends with distinctively different personalities. But the pair does share something in common-the desire to heal from a painful past.

Deb is trying to make it through high school. One minute she's dreaming about graduating, going to college and marrying her prince charming. But "happily ever after" isn't exactly in the script. Instead Deb suffers from an onslaught of verbal abuse and estrangement from her mother. In a twist she falls in love with a night club owner who teaches her a few things about life.

Honey is a gorgeous teen with attitude. She prefers her men controlling, dominating and married. Her early exposure to sex and an "I don't give a damn" view of life spells one thing for Honey; self-destruction.

The author shares at least one thing with her character. Both developed a closer relationship with God and turned their lives around, celebrating victory over pain.

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