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Travenna State University

Format: Paperback

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Pages: 82

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 23, 2014)

ISBN: 1497428394

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Nu Nu Psi fraternity was Founded on November 20th 1923 on the campus of Elaine University in Orlando Florida the Alpha Chapter. The Beta chapter of Travenna State University was chartered on November 20th 1931. The fraternity has been rooted on Ancient History, Service and Brotherhood. Jacob Simmons a freshman seeks interest in joining the Top African American Fraternity on campus just like his father did 40 years ago pledging Nu Nu Psi. After getting to know the brothers of Nu Nu Psi , Jacob decides Nu Nu Psi isn’t for him. He is then approached by multiple brothers of Rho Psi Psi another Greek fraternity founded on March 15, 1921 on the Campus of Tervanna State University located in Goose Creek South Carolina, the Alpha Chapter. The fraternity has been rooted on Brotherhood, integrity and rich service. Jacob is faced with many challenges such as dealing with the quote on quote term"Paper" after joining Rho Rho Psi, losing long term friendships and the death of his father. Jacob has to make life changing decisions. He goes through many obstacles throughout his freshman year of college.

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