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Vengeance is Sweeter than Khandy

Tiana Nicole

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 312

Publisher: Triple Pearl Productions (February 13, 2015)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 6.8 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Khandy is willing to go the distance to protect her secrets from the woman she despises the most, as she protects her truths to make certain she doesn’t ultimately lose everything and everyone she cherishes the most.

As Khandy fights to keep her past where it belongs, Gabana fights a battle against her heart, while her demons of the past reminds her all faith of a future with her husband Ramon was doomed before their union began.

While everyone surrounding her battles to protect their past, Sophia struggles to secure her future. After meeting the man of her dreams, and possibly the love of her life, she’d never suspect her efforts to build a new life would be her one way ticket back to darkness, when she makes the costly mistake of a lifetime by joining forces with Mayor Dixon, who’s up to his old tricks again as he reminds her he’ll get what he wants at any cost.

Vengeance is Sweeter than Khandy is a page turning novel filled with vengeance, vindictiveness, and retribution.

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