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Food Testing

Food : a matter of trust, a matter of health .About 350 years back Dr. Harbert said, " Whatever was the father of a disease , ill diet was the mother." Modern food includes nutraceuticals, functional foods, and food for special dietary uses.

Food is any substance usually of plant or animal source and contains essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins or minerals provides nutritional supplement thereby stimulating growth to the body.

Food testing is required to cater to the needs of quality monitoring food items and trace level analysis of the chemical and microbiological contaminants which provoked MSK to run a state-of-the-art Food Laboratory to support people to eat a healthy diet of national interests.


1. Laboratory Testing :

Various food product categories tested

·         Snacks

·         Oils & Fats

·         Milk & Dairy Products

·         Bakery & Confectionary

·         Egg & Poultry Products

·         Fruit Juices, Jam, Jelly, Sauces

·         Food Grains, Pulses, Cereals

·         Packaged Food & Supplements

·         Spices, Dry Fruits & Condiments

·         Starch and starch Based Products

·         Animal Feeds

·         Beverages

·         Fruits & Vegetables

·         Sea Food & Meats

·         Ready to Eat Food

·         Edible oil

·         Tea and Coffee Products

·         Sugar and Sugar Based Products

·         Honey and Honey Based Products

MSK carries out following major activities:

·         Food Safety,

·         Food quality,

·         Food contamination,

·         Food additives,

·         Food labeling

·         Food chemistry.

·         Fatty acid profiles, cholesterol,

·         Toxic metals & minerals,

·         Vitamins ,

·         Residual pesticides etc

·         Adulteration Tests as per PFA

2.Training Courses.