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MSK offers Laboratory Outsourcing Services for a variety of mining and metal industries with a vision to provide specialized services to clients for their in-house laboratory. Testing Knowledge that has been gained over the last 75 years is the core competence area of MSK and is the value proposition offered to the clients. The projects of laboratory outsourcing that MSK undertakes at various sites around the world are led by knowledgeable and experienced chemists who are adept in the field of applied chemistry and conversant with ultra modern equipments. Their primary aim is to deliver accurate, consistent and timely test results.


Example of a few projects undertaken by MSK :

Tata Steel KZN (South Africa) -The first overseas Ferrochrome plant of Tata Steel Limited. MSK is associated with this project right from its inception by providing complete lab Outsourcing services for the entire process from raw material to finished product including export shipments. MSK adopted modern infrastructure and equipment for rapid analysis for effective process control and management decision.  

Sedibeng Iron Ore (Pty) Limited:MSK is having complete Quality Control Laboratory set up for SIOL at Postmansburg, Northern Cape, South Africa. The services involve sampling and analysis  of Core samples, blast-hole , Geological mines face, samples, ROMs, stock piles, wagon loading, truck loading, sea ports .

Tata Steel Limited: FAP Joda: more than 50000 TPA modern SilicoManganese Furnace.  MSK has been associated with the Plant for the In-house Laboratory for incoming raw material, process control and finished product sampling and analysis work.

Sesa Sterlite Chitradurga -Iron Ore Mines: Sesa Sterlite has awarded MSK the entire Quality control work of Iron ore mines in the state of Karnataka in India.

MGM Steel: MSK is associated with the Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) manufacturing unit of MGM Steel Iron Ore.

ACC Limited:  for Evaluation of Quality of Coal supplied to various plants.  MSK was awarded assignment by Central Corporate Office to evaluate quality of coal supplied to plants for ensuring independent evaluation of quality of supplies.



Why Laboratory Outsourcing is important:

Outsourcing the laboratory enables the client to acquire domain expertise in laboratory management and services. This helps in  establishing a competent and bespoke analytical setup in client premises at a competitive cost. MSK’s knowledge and experience in testing covers different minerals, Metals, Coal, Pellets, Sinters, Environment monitoring, Water etc. which are available client on demand.

Who should opt for outsourcing:

Industries which have need to have robust quality assurance system.  They can be manufacturing units such as Steel, Ferro Alloys, Pellets, Sinters, Lead, zinc, Copper, Power Plants, mining sectors, Ore beneficiation & processing units and which has an operational testing Laboratory or who intends to have one.  While mining sectors need control of quality from the survey stage to final product grading for supplies, the manufacturing sector must monitor quality of raw material, process and finished product.  Such laboratory requires infrastructure, competent personnel, quality assurance system, knowledge and resource for statistical data management. These processing units and specially those close to urban sectors, are more often regulated by environment protection bodies and who are mandated to run regular in house stack and air monitoring. Here too MSK can extend its expertise and run a combined product and environment testing laboratory. Therefore outsourcing is the best option for all of these sectors.

What is the benefit of laboratory Outsourcing:

Benefits are multifold. Ready guidance for setting up a  laboratory that supports the quality assurance objective of the client. MSK sets its goal specific to the client’s  requirements and establishes procedure and standards for effective quality control by employing upto-date equipmentsand techniques. MSK conducts in its central laboratory continuous research and development to evolve better testing methods that generate quality test results that are more accurate, faster, consistent, error free and cost effective. This knowledge acquired is shared with the on-site laboratories as a part of MSK’s continual improvement philosophy.

In-house laboratory Vs Outsourced laboratory:

The in-house or on-site Laboratories are generally equipped with infrastructure and technique that may meet the essential service requirements based on industry practice, but the industry may have necessity to meet ever increasing newer challenges in the testing domain for which they have to depend on external resources. In house Laboratories often operate on its own without having collaboration and support of any other laboratory, which create handicap in benchmarking efforts.  Retention of  skilled human resource is another challenge, which require higher degree of back up and hence higher overhead cost. MSK possesses a ready back up of manpower resource owing to availability of chemist pool, that prevents discontinuity in lab operations.


What kind of services MSK can deliver:

Every Industry is unique so are clients and their requirements for lab testing. MSK can make laboratory models based on the needs of the clients.


MSK as outsourced laboratory:

  • Knowledge, Experience and Expertise in the field
  • Consultancy to provide right kind of equipment and test criteria.
  • Providing competent and trained man power.
  • Accurate, Reproducible and Consistent test results: Establishes robust quality control practice, laid down procedure for sampling, analysis and timely delivery of result.
  • Use of IT platform for evaluation of analytical data and trend analysis.
  • Participation of process control by suggesting/recommending QA observations and impact on product quality.
  • Making technological changes available to the staff and imparting training.
  • Support from MSK’s Central and Regional laboratories for smooth and hassle free delivery of services and minimum downtime.
  • Evaluated and qualified supply chain for chemicals and consumables.
  • Ability to deliver test results on real time basis.
  • Supported by accredited Laboratories enhancing global acceptance of results.
  • To fulfill the needs for specialized testing, client can readily avail MSK’s facilities in Central and Regional laboratories.